Flat Embroidery Machine

Our company is well specialized in making specialized machines according to the enquiry of the customer. We tailor design machines...       Read More

Sequin Embroidery Machine

Sequin or Spangle embroidery machine is another type of embroidery machine, more royal & Classic than Flat Embroidery Machine...       Read More

Easy Cording Machine

Easy Cording devices can now be fitted on the each head similarly as sequin devices, a long awaited revolution in computerised...       Read More

Cording & Chenille Mixed Head Embroidery Machine

Finesse mixed head series embroidery machines incorporate the highest levels of technological excellence backed by rock solid...       Read More

Chenille Machine

These 6-colour, highly efficient, chenille & chain stitch machines now come at higher speeds of 700 to 750 rpm, giving full value...       Read More

Laser Cutting Machine

This FN-10060 series of Laser Cutting machines have been designed with Sound mechanical structure & parts, coupled with...       Read More

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